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Digital Asset Self-Custody Platform

Redefined custody gives you 100% asset control. Transparent audits, open-source algorithms, and multi-party governance safeguard your assets while improving operation efficiency for teams & businesses, expediting your business success

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Hardware-Like Security With Hot Wallet's Convenience

First-of-its-kind Security: Farewell to Single Point of Failure on Private Key
Our self-developed multi-layer security uses leading MPC cryptography and hardware isolation to ensure private keys are never exposed. Decentralization of private keys is achieved in the form of key shards.

  • MPC
  • Intel SGX
  • Policy Engine
  • Offline Member Authorization
  • Secure Transfer
  • MFA
  • Offline Private Key Recovery

Over $1.5 Billion Custodied

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MPC algorithm audit by Kudelski Security, regular white-box audit and penetration testing by SlowMist, also ISO 27001 & SOC 2 Type II to have your security no worries.

In Progress

To All Developers: Don't Trust, Verify!

The simplest way to establish confidence is through open source code. That is why our code is open source and can be reviewed by any developer to ensure we live up to our promise.

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  • Cryptographic Infrastructure Library

    To develop upper-layer cryptographic protocols more efficiently, we built the Safeheron Cryptography Basic Algorithm Library suite in C++, including the Big Number Computation Library, the Abstract Elliptic Curve Algorithm Library, the Homomorphic Encryption Algorithm Library, the Secret Sharing Scheme Algorithm Library, and the Zero-Knowledge Proof Protocol Algorithm Library.

  • TSS-RSA Protocol

    We have implemented TSS-RSA, a threshold signature algorithm for RSA, including features for key shards generation, distributed key signature, and synthesis verification of signature shards. We’ve been actively cooperating with Arweave ecosystem to drive application scenarios of this algorithm in Arweave ecosystem.

Latest Product Features

Safeheron latest feature launches and upgrades

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  • MPC WaaS, Your Next-Generation Custody

    100% asset control that you can directly download to enjoy (no more application) with near-zero costs.

  • Support Fantom, Polygon

    Newly support mainnet protocols Fantom and Polygon.



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Minimalist interface, incredible security & robust policy engine, every transaction is under your control.