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Platform Updates

Asset Management Solutions for Bitcoin Layer 2s

Ensuring that assets are not maliciously stolen by external or internal threats presents a significant security and trust challenge for the Bitcoin Layer 2 ecosystem. Safeheron has outlined several common Bitcoin-based projects and provides corresponding asset management solutions...

Industry Insights

Ledger is Proving the Perils of Sacrificing Security on the Altar of User Experience

Ledger’s move to allow users to back up their seed phrases in three shards to blindsided the pro-privacy and pro-autonomy Web3 community and it backfired spectacularly…

Industry Insights

As Web2 Giants Enter the Web3 Space, Security Will be Make-or-Break

It is not a question of if, but when and how mass adoption of blockchain technologies will take place. Asset security will be vital to driving wide-scale adoption with confidence…

Industry Insights

The Future of Crypto Payments

As the crypto industry continues to grow and evolve, there are several key developments that are shaping the future of crypto payments. In this article, we will explore some of these trends…

Industry Insights

Intel® SGX Data Sealing

Intel® SGX provides a secure memory container/region Enclave. Sealing is the process to encrypt sensitive data in the enclave for persistent storage to disk...

Industry Insights

Demystify Remote Attestation: Explore the DCAP Certificate Chain

Remote attestation can have the verifier to distinguish the software logic of verified Trusted Execution Environment, to see if the code is modified or tampered with. Generally, in remote attestation…

Industry Insights

MPC 101: Secure Multi-Party Computation And Multisignature

MPC focuses on how to securely compute a consensual function without any trusted third parties. With multiple key shards, different parties can compute the final signature via MPC protocol...