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Platform Updates

Asset Management Solutions for Bitcoin Layer 2s

Ensuring that assets are not maliciously stolen by external or internal threats presents a significant security and trust challenge for the Bitcoin Layer 2 ecosystem. Safeheron has outlined several common Bitcoin-based projects and provides corresponding asset management solutions...

Web3 Learning

Safeheron vs MetaMask

Exploring and comparing Safeheron for institutional self-custody and MetaMask for individual self-custody to help you find a platform that meets both security needs and provides the required features and convenience…

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Safeheron vs Ledger: MPC vs Hardware Wallets

Compare and analyze two mainstream types of crypto wallets: the Safeheron wallet driven by MPC technology and the classic hardware wallet, represented by Ledger. By exploring these two different technological paths…

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Safeheron vs Safe: MPC vs Multisig

In the evolution of crypto wallets, Safeheron and Safe represent different technological paths and market adaptabilities. Safeheron utilizes MPC tech while Safe has been preferred in the field of multisignature…

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Explore Solana: Powering Innovation for User Benefits

Solana is a high-performance public blockchain designed to provide a fast, secure, and scalable infrastructure for decentralized applications (dApps) and digital assets…

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Crypto Wallets: Your Essential Guide

A cryptocurrency wallet allows you to interact with blockchain networks while storing user’s cryptographic keys, public and private keys, and a private key represents ownership of digital assets…

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Navigating the Digital Asset Safe: An In-Depth Look at Crypto Custody

While a bank vault can safeguard precious metals or paper currency, digital assets require encryption, specialized storage solutions, and blockchain savvy. Crypto custodians serve a critical role in this space…