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everVision Incorporates Safeheron Web3 Product Suite Capabilities

By Safeheron Team - 2022-12-13

everVision, a technology company specializing in the development of Web3 infrastructure, has partnered with Safeheron on digital asset security to promote the sustainability of the Web3 ecosystem.

Safeheron, a leading provider of self-custody solutions for digital assets, is safeguarding everVision's digital assets by providing self-custody services. Furthermore, everVision's everPay protocol will integrate Safeheron's Web3 product suite (consisting of a mobile application, browser extension, Web console, APIs and SDKs, and an offline recovery tool) for improved digital asset security management, thus enhancing the platform's security.

Safeheron and everVision (formerly everFinance) established a strategic partnership in June of this year, based on the official open-sourcing of Safeheron's TSS-RSA algorithm, which not only effectively enhanced the decentralization of Arweave, but also improved the security performance of the everPay platform by 47 times. Safeheron will continue to work with everVision to investigate security technology applications and contribute to the expansion of the Web3 ecosystem.

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About everVision and everPay

everVision is a technology company focused on providing infrastructure for Web3. With a vision to support 1 billion users on the Web3 network, everVision explores a new paradigm of Web3 development that improves the user experience, lowers the development threshold, and enhances web performance. Its millisecond financial payment protocol, everPay, uses decentralized trusted storage to provide security and verifiability, creating a digital asset payment and settlement product close to the traditional Internet experience for users.

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About Safeheron

Established in 2019, Safeheron is a Singapore-based open-source digital asset self-custody service platform. Utilizing Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC) and Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technology, Safeheron provides comprehensive self-custody solutions for institutional customers. Its solutions ensure that customers have complete control over their private keys and assets, while also enhancing security and efficiency.

As a company, Safeheron is dedicated to becoming the premier self-custody security infrastructure for digital assets in the industry.