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Safeheron vs Safe: MPC vs Multisig

By Safeheron Team - 2024-03-17

In the ongoing development of digital assets, crypto wallets have entered a new era of diversity as key security and management tools. Initially, the crypto market was dominated by single-signature wallets, but as user demands grew and the market matured, these wallets' shortcomings in security and management efficiency became increasingly apparent.

Especially for the high-end market, the complexity of needs has driven the rise of multisignature (multisig) wallets. These emerging wallets not only enhance transaction security but also improve operational efficiency in multi-party collaboration scenarios. In this evolution of crypto wallets, Safeheron and Safe represent different technological paths and market adaptabilities.

The Rise and Evolution of Multisignature Wallets

During the rapid development of cryptocurrencies, multisig wallets have become a key technology for ensuring asset security and improving management efficiency. The market was primarily dominated by single-private-key wallets, which were favored for their simple use and direct asset control.

However, as user needs became more complex, the limitations of single-private-key wallets in terms of security and efficiency began to emerge, especially in corporate applications and large transaction processing. This prompted the market shift towards multi-signature mechanisms to provide higher levels of protection and more flexible asset management.

Security Advantages of Multisignature

The core advantage of multisig wallets is their ability to enhance transaction security through multiple verifications. This method requires multiple authorized users or devices to provide their signatures before a transaction can be executed, significantly reducing the risk of single points of failure and unauthorized access.

For institutions and teams, this method provides an additional layer of security for asset management and crucial decision-making. It effectively avoids the single-point risk of relying on a single decision-maker, a single private key, and a single device.

Additionally, multisignature technology enhances overall asset security and reliability by dispersing risks and providing audit trails, making asset management more comprehensive and transparent.

The Adoption of Multisignature Wallets

As the crypto ecosystem matures, multisig wallets have become indispensable tools in various scenarios, meeting the dual needs for security and management efficiency.

Enterprises and Financial Institutions

In enterprises and financial institutions, multisig wallets are the preferred choice for managing large-scale assets and conducting complex transactions. Asset security, transaction transparency, and audit trailing are crucial in these scenarios.

Multisig wallets ensure the validity and security of transactions through multi-verification mechanism. Additionally, for institutions that need to comply with strict regulatory requirements, multisignature wallets provide the necessary controls and record-keeping capabilities.

Partners and Teams

For partners and teams with multiple stakeholders involved in asset management, multisig wallets offer a secure collaboration channel. They allow multiple parties to participate in the decision-making process, ensuring that all relevant parties consent before executing significant transactions. Thereby, they enhance the transparency and accountability of asset management.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

In the field of decentralized finance (DeFi), multisig wallets address the trust issues associated with centralized asset management. They enable project and smart contract managers to execute transactions through consensus, providing users with visibility and traceability of fund flows and contract operations.

Non-Profit Organizations and DAOs

Non-profit organizations and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) use multisig wallets to enhance the transparency and fairness of fund management. In these organizations, the use of funds must conform to the collective decisions of members, and multisig wallets can achieve this goal while also enhancing trust and cooperation among members.

Safeheron: See MPC Wallets in Action

By adopting cutting-edge MPC technology, Safeheron MPC wallet offers a secure, efficient, and user-friendly asset management solution that elevates transaction security and operational convenience to a new level, delivering a revolutionary experience in managing digital assets to its users.

Innovative Advantages of MPC Technology

The innovative aspect of Safeheron's MPC technology lies in its distributed processing of key information, significantly reducing reliance on centralized storage and thus effectively minimizing security risks.

In this architecture, key shards replace the original single key and are distributed across different authorized nodes. It ensures that the private key remains secure and cannot be fully recovered even if any one node is compromised.

Furthermore, for comprehensive protection of private keys, Safeheron combines Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technology with MPC, providing hardware-level security isolation for private keys. Using key shards within TEE ensures that critical operations, such as transaction signing, are safeguarded against internal and external security threats.

Application Scenarios for Safeheron

Safeheron MPC wallet is particularly suited to enterprises and financial institutions. For those who manage a large amount of crypto assets and frequently engage in high-value transactions, Safeheron offers an ideal solution that balances security, flexibility, and efficiency.

Its flexible policy configuration and highly scalable security architecture allow these institutions to customize asset management and transaction execution processes according to their specific needs and regulatory requirements.

Moreover, Safeheron's interface is designed with a focus on intuitive user experience. It simplifies complex asset management processes and significantly improves the efficiency and convenience of asset management and oversight.

Safe: See Contract Multisignature Wallets in Action

Safe highlights the advanced application of contract multisig wallet in digital asset management, implementing efficient asset management and enhanced security measures through smart contracts.

Features of Contract Multisignature Technology

Safe's contract multisig particularly emphasizes the security and transparency of executing transactions on the blockchain through smart contracts. Each transaction requires signatures from multiple authorized participants, not only increasing security but also enhancing collective control over asset management.

Smart contracts ensure the automation and standardization of each operation step, mitigating human error. All transaction records are publicly available on the blockchain, providing indisputable traceability, which is crucial for applications that require high levels of audit and regulatory compliance.

Application Scenarios for Safe

Safe is particularly suitable for scenarios that demand audit transparency and operational traceability, such as decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) or blockchain-based collaboration. In these scenarios, each financial transaction and decision must be transparent and verifiable.

For organizations seeking to achieve regulatory compliance on blockchain technology, Safe offers an ideal solution, ensuring the legitimacy and compliance of transactions while maintaining efficient operational processes.

Safeheron vs Safe: Diversity in Multisignature Solutions

Safeheron and Safe, as two important technological representatives in the field of crypto asset management, each carve out its market niche. They have their unique advantages in ensuring security, providing flexibility, and adapting to different application scenarios.

Security Architecture

Safeheron's MPC technology distributes key shards across multiple nodes, rather than centralized storage, significantly enhancing the overall security and resilience against hacker attacks, while eliminating the risk of single-point exposure.

Additionally, Safeheron combines its proprietary TEE technology with chip-level encryption capabilities to further strengthen the hardware isolation of key shards, ensuring the highest security standards during critical operations such as transaction signing.

In contrast, Safe employs an on-chain contract multisignature approach, ensuring that all transactions are publicly recorded on the blockchain, providing absolute transparency and traceability.

Flexibility and Applicability

Safeheron's one-stop service and its fine-grained policy configuration allow users to flexibly manage a variety of assets, from the simplest to the most complex scenarios. Its support for multiple public chains gives it a unique advantage, particularly suitable for enterprise users seeking highly customized asset management solutions.

Additionally, because the computation for MPC is conducted off-chain, every transaction signed by the MPC wallet can save a significant amount of transaction fees (gas fees) compared to multisig contracts. This can be a substantial cost saving for users who need to transact frequently.

On the other hand, although Safe primarily supports Ethereum and EVM blockchains, it provides a highly transparent and auditable asset management experience on these platforms, especially suitable for decentralized projects and organizations based on these ecosystems.

User Experience

Safeheron provides a straightforward and intuitive user interface, but its robust functionality and policy management have a higher learning curve. To help users better manage their assets, Safeheron offers comprehensive customer support services, allowing users to manage their assets in an efficient and secure environment.

In contrast, Safe is more suited for blockchain veterans, offering strong transparency and transaction traceability, making it an ideal choice for those who value transparency and traceability in every transaction.


In the field of digital assets, choosing the right multisig wallet is key to protecting and managing assets. As technology advances and the market diversifies, multisig wallets have become important tools for ensuring transaction security and improving asset management efficiency.

Choosing the most suitable wallet requires considering multiple factors such as security, operational flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendliness. Users should decide on the most suitable solution based on their business needs, asset size, and management complexity.

As blockchain technology continues to mature and the cryptocurrency market expands, it can be anticipated that multisignature wallets will continue to evolve, offering richer and more efficient features while maintaining security to better serve a diverse user base.