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Web3 Learning

How to Choose Your MPC Wallet Provider?

Evaluating the security of an MPC wallet involves considering various factors, with the wallet provider's security capabilities being a top priority. The robustness of the MPC wallet you choose can significantly impact your business...

Security & Research

A Deep Dive of HOW Profanity Caused Wintermute to Lose $160M

Wintermute suffered a $162.2 million loss due to a brute-force key exploit. And, hackers also utilized the same vulnerability to steal 3.3 million the other day. Profanity appears to be a crucial factor here…

Platform Updates

Safeheron Announces US$7M Series Pre-A Raise

Safeheron, an open-source, zero-trust one-stop self-custody solution for Web 3.0 small-medium enterprises (SMEs), is announcing US$7M in Pre-A funding co-led by Yunqi Partners and Web3Vision...

Platform Updates

Safeheron Partners with MetaMask on MPC Security Solution

Safeheron, an open-source one-stop self-custody solution provider, today announced the strategic partnership with MetaMask to integrate enterprise-grade MPC multisignature security solutions through devices and applications...

Platform Updates

47X Better Performance, Safeheron TSS-RSA Algorithm Officially Open-Source

Safeheron implemented and open-sourced the TSS-RSA (Threshold Signature Scheme of RSA) algorithm library and established in-depth cooperation with Arweave’s project, everFinance…

Security & Research

Ed25519 Use Risks: Your Wallet Private Key Can Be Stolen

Due to inconsideration and misuse of Ed25519, the attackers may extract the private key with two different signatures for the same message. Let's dive deep into the technical side...

Industry Insights

Intel® SGX Data Sealing

Intel® SGX provides a secure memory container/region Enclave. Sealing is the process to encrypt sensitive data in the enclave for persistent storage to disk...