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Web3 Learning

How to Choose Your MPC Wallet Provider?

Evaluating the security of an MPC wallet involves considering various factors, with the wallet provider's security capabilities being a top priority. The robustness of the MPC wallet you choose can significantly impact your business...

Industry Insights

Demystify Remote Attestation: Explore the DCAP Certificate Chain

Remote attestation can have the verifier to distinguish the software logic of verified Trusted Execution Environment, to see if the code is modified or tampered with. Generally, in remote attestation…

Industry Insights

MPC 101: Secure Multi-Party Computation And Multisignature

MPC focuses on how to securely compute a consensual function without any trusted third parties. With multiple key shards, different parties can compute the final signature via MPC protocol...

Security & Research

Post-mortem Analysis of 20 Million OP Tokens Stolen: Contract Multisig VS MPC

On June 9, Optimism disclosed that an attacker had stolen 20 million of its OP tokens. What factors for this incident? Let’s dive deep into this accident…

Platform Updates

Safeheron Provides Multisig Wallet Solution for Arweave's First Cross-Chain DEX Permaswap

Safeheron provides Permaswap with an efficient Arweave multisig wallet solution, which greatly shortens the time to generate keys. And the multisig keys will be generated through TEE to ensure the security and privacy of the keys...

Platform Updates

Safeheron Provides Security Services to Winners of the First Acala Dapp Hackathon

Safeheron provides security services to winners of the first Acala Dapp Hackathon and looks forward to having more opportunities to participate in the developing ecosystem...

Platform Updates

Breaking: Safeheron Joins World’s First MPC Alliance

Safeheron is delighted to announce that, as a leading Asian MPC digital asset secure custodian, Safeheron has officially joined the international enterprise alliance —— MPC Alliance...