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Safeheron Developer Site Goes Live, Let’s BUIDL with Safeheron

By Safeheron Team - 2022-11-28

TL;DR: We would like to introduce you to the Safeheron Developer Site, a one-stop resource for technical concepts, underlying structures, security designs, Safeheron API tutorials, and more.

Safeheron offers clients self-integrated customizable product suites based on our proprietary MPC and TEE technologies.

With the Safeheron API, our clients can enjoy institutional-grade self-custody services while developing more efficient and flexible business practices, such as creating transactions, enabling contract interactions with DeFi, DEX & GameFi, contract owner and token mint permission management, data signature for all kinds of Web3 scenarios. And, Safeheron enables clients to provide services to users in an environment that is designed to be secure.

Our long-awaited Developer Site now includes the following elements:


The Concepts section provides a detailed introduction to all of Safeheron's core technical concepts, such as wallets, transaction tasks, policies, and the API Co-Signer, with illustrations and practical examples to help you quickly understand Safeheron's design rationale and significance.


The Quickstart section provides a comprehensive and easy-to-understand quick start tutorial on sending a transaction, creating a wallet, using MPC Sign, and more so that you fully understand the process as well as the information you need to start using the Safeheron API for your business right away.

Your Safeheron account serves as a gateway to additional applications and functionalities for your organization. For example, before using the Safeheron API and API Co-Signer, you can create an API Key through your existing account with API administrative privileges, as outlined in the ‘Creating an API Key’ section.


We offer API SDKs in four languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, Golang, and Java.
Stay tuned for future additions to the Safeheron developer site!