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Safeheron Offline Recovery Tool Now Available as Open-Source Code

By Safeheron Team - 2023-03-01

As a transparent and open source digital asset self-custody platform, Safeheron is committed to contributing to the crypto world by providing a secure, transparent, and verifiable self-custody infrastructure while improving and expanding the native features of blockchains.

In line with this principle, Safeheron has been continuously committed to open-source development.
Most recently, the offline recovery tool has also been made open source, demonstrating Safeheron's unwavering dedication to transparency and security.

Safeheron's offline recovery tool is a robust solution that enables users to recover their complete private keys for all wallets using just three MPC key shard recovery phrases. Once the keys are recovered, users can import them into other hardware or software wallets, allowing them to maintain full control over their digital assets.

Safeheron employs MPC cryptography combined with innovative Intel SGX to decentralize private key sharding, where all key shard recovery phrases are retained by the users. Even if Safeheron ceases to operate, the offline recovery tool can still be used to recover the private keys.

Safeheron offline recovery tool now available as open-source code


By making its core algorithm open source, Safeheron enables anyone to verify the code, which is a crucial aspect of ensuring that Safeheron is reliable and competent in its security functions. This transparent approach to code verification aligns with Safeheron's commitment to security as a fundamental value. Furthermore, Safeheron offers a bug bounty program to incentivize technical staff to identify and report important vulnerabilities, further enhancing the platform's security. By allowing experts to review the code and identify gaps in security, Safeheron is able to provide a higher level of security for its users.

The principles of "open source," "innovation," and "transparency" that guide Safeheron have been shaped by the founders' extensive experience in both Web2 and Web3 over the past decade. Safeheron has remained committed to these principles since its inception. Over the past two years, the crypto market has experienced numerous instances of asset loss due to opaque management systems. The effects of incidents such as the FTX case, the 3AC bankruptcy, and the LUNA collapse continue to be felt in the market, with even large financial institutions being unable to escape their impact. For security companies, transparency is a fundamental tenet worth upholding.


Safeheron is dedicated to maintaining the highest security standards in the industry, having earned the ISO27001 certification and currently undergoing a SOC2 audit. Whether it pertains to asset security or user data privacy, Safeheron leads by example and remains at the forefront of the industry. Through its open-source approach, Safeheron ensures the authenticity and trustworthiness of its system security and is committed to setting a new standard for the industry.


Safeheron embodies the true essence of blockchain with "decentralization" and "open source" as the spiritual core of the technology and the driving force behind market players. By contributing to the development of the industry as much as possible, Safeheron takes its corporate responsibilities and obligations seriously as a player in the crypto world.

In a similar vein to Musk's public tweet and Tesla's algorithm code, Safeheron's open-source approach to its core algorithm can inspire developers and researchers to use the code for further research and innovation, ultimately leading to better algorithm designs and applications.

As part of its ongoing commitment to open source, Safeheron Lab will continue to make valuable contributions to the industry by releasing more code through its research and projects.