Platform Updates

Safeheron Provides Multisig Wallet Solution for Arweave’s First Cross-Chain DEX Permaswap

By Safeheron Team - 2022-05-19

Arweave ecosystem’s first cross-chain DEX Permaswap, a 100% perpetual peer-to-peer exchange network without slippage built on Arweave, is now officially launched.

Guaranteed Security and Decentralization

To ensure Permaswap’s security and decentralization, Safeheron and everPay have reached a profound collaboration. The cross-chain settlement capability provided by everPay makes Permaswap a multi-chain & cross-chain decentralized trading network.

Safeheron provides Permaswap with an efficient Arweave multisig wallet solution, which greatly shortens the time to generate keys. And the multisig keys will be generated through TEE to ensure the security and privacy of the keys.
Safeheron threshold multisig algorithm brings unparalleled speed

Regarding the core algorithm of this solution, Safeheron's research team will open source it in the very near future, and at that time, information about the open source will be updated on Twitter, Blog, and the official site. STAY TUNED!

In addition, the open source of TEE is also on our plan. We believe that in the near future, a complete set of open source solutions can be implemented in more scenarios.