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Safeheron Provides Security Services to Winners of the First Acala Dapp Hackathon

By Safeheron Team - 2022-05-16

First Acala X PolkaWorld Dapp Hackathon has officially come to the end on May 14th, 2022, and Safeheron joined in this quite innovational ecosystem contest as a judge.
*Acala 2022 Dapp Hackathon aims to encourage decentralized teams to deploy their business scenarios and contracts on Acala EVM+ to build Web3 Dapps.

First, we’d like to congratulate all the 6 final winners of this hackathon. We have seen many Web3 teams’ innovations and persistent improvements that we believe more and more excellent teams to emerge in EVM+ and aUSD ecosystem.

Kane, the head of engineering of Safeheron, who is the judge of this hackathon, said: "Participating in the Acala X PolkaWorld Hackathon 2022, I deeply understood the power of the EVM+ and aUSD ecosystems. All participating teams actively participated in the construction of the Acala and PolkaWorld ecosystems, bringing very creative projects."

Besides, it’s an honor of Safeheron to provide free security services for the winners in this Hackathon. Winners will enjoy a total of $33,000 worth of services based on their ranking:

Safeheron Security Services:
First Prize: 12 months of free MPC infrastructure API services, valued at \$24,000;
Second Prize: 6 months of free MPC infrastructure API services, valued at \$6,000;
Third Prize: 3 months of free MPC infrastructure API services, valued at \$3,000.

Last but not least, congratulations to Acala x PolkaWorld Hackathon coming to a perfect end, again!

Safeheron also looks forward to having more opportunities to participate in the developing ecosystem providing more great teams and ecosystems with our next-generation security. Together, develop Web3 steadily and healthily!