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Safeheron V1.3.0 Update

By Safeheron Team - 2024-02-26

Safeheron has launched Version 1.3.0, and we welcome all users to experience the upgraded version.

The V1.3.0 update brings a series of new features and product experience optimizations for users. The key updates include:

Batch Transacting UTXO-based Coins

Safeheron now supports batch transactions for UTXO-based coins such as BTC, Dash, and more. Through the Safeheron API, centralized platforms like exchanges can efficiently handle withdrawal requests and high-concurrency demands for users. Compared to multiple transactions, this approach substantially reduces network fees, resulting in lowered operational costs.

Security Center: Enhance Security Settings in One Place

To enhance the efficiency of setting up security protection and optimize the user experience, Safeheron introduces the Security Center, enabling users to manage security settings in one place comprehensively. Covering both individual and team security, it ensures a thorough approach, improving the overall security of customer systems.1.3.0 security center

Dusting Attack Warnings

A dusting attack targets cryptocurrency users, intending to track or disrupt users' fund flows by sending tiny, nearly worthless amounts of coins to their addresses. These attacks may also involve broader privacy infringements or other malicious activities.

To further enhance your security and guard against dusting attacks, you can view flagged suspicious transactions in your transaction history. Additionally, if there are suspicious addresses during the transfer process, security warnings will pop up.
1.3.0 dust attack warning

Optimized Private Key Shard Backup and Verification

For the convenience of users in backing up recovery phrases for private key shards, Safeheron now supports only backing up the first 4 words of the recovery phrase.

Moreover, users can verify the accuracy of the private key shard directly within the Safeheron App, eliminating the need to download the offline tool and ensuring the security of private key shards anytime, anywhere.

For more details, please refer to Key Shard and Backup.

Optimized Whitelisting

Edit Whitelist

To enhance user experience and streamline internal processes, Safeheron now supports editing valid whitelists associated with advanced transaction policies (refer to What are policies?), eliminating the need to reconfigure policies.

Transfer Funds from Web3 Wallets to Whitelist

Web3 wallets now support searching whitelists within the Safeheron Browser Extension, enabling users to initiate transfers to whitelists, thereby enhancing security and streamlining the transfer process.

Quickly Add to Whitelist from Transaction History

Users can quickly add external addresses to the whitelist from transaction history, enhancing internal operational efficiency.
For more details, please refer to Whitelists.

Optimized Approval History

In the “Approvals” interface, two new types of approvals have been added: “Initiated” and “Received”. These enhancements assist team members in efficiently handling approvals and provide real-time status updates for approvals they have initiated.
1.3.0 optimized approval history

Wallet Search

Safeheron now supports wallet search, allowing you to directly search for wallet names or addresses on the Safeheron App. This facilitates the management of a large number of team wallets, thereby enhancing internal operational efficiency.

Safeheron will continue to roll out more features to safeguard your digital assets and help your business scale up in a cost-effective manner.

Stay tuned!