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LAST UPDATED: June 15, 2022

As described in our privacy policy, your personal data will not be disclosed to us for general web browsing of this website, although certain statistical information may be available through our internet service providers and the use of special tracking technologies. These information shows the pages you are clicking on or the hardware you are using, but it doesn't tell us your name, age, address or anything to identify you.

"You" and "your" include our customers, business partners and website users. By using our website, you agree to this cookie policy to store and access cookies & Local Storage on your device.

A cookie is a small piece of data (text file) that a website asks the browser to store on your device to record information about you (eg. your language preference or login info) when you visit. This website uses third-party cookies (from different domains than the website you visit) for advertising and marketing. More specifically, we use cookies and Local Storage for the following:

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