Our Mission

The introduction of blockchain technology marks a watershed moment since it opens up asset ownership to everyone. The cornerstone of any technological basis is the assurance that your assets cannot be frozen or transferred without your permission. When the private key is managed by the users themselves, other risks appear such as, the possibility of private key/asset theft, a decline in management efficiency, higher trading costs, and a reduction in available liquidity.

Safeheron's mission is to provide an affordable enterprise-level digital asset infrastructure and a product suite that’s secure, efficient, and accessible for all businesses.

Safeheron Guarantees to:
  • Give the customer full control over the private key
  • Be verifiable and open-source (a decentralized infrastructure)
  • Be a unified asset management system to enhance productivity
  • Maintain full regulatory compliance
  • Be nearly zero costs and pay only what is necessary
  • Provide a more equitable economic model for dividing up future profits among clients, communities, investors and partners

Product Architecture

Product Roadmap

2019 Q3

Establish an MPC & SGX Research Project

2020 Q3

Complete MPC & SGX Research Project

2021 Q4

Release Alpha Infrastructure & Vault Suite

2022 Q2

Release Beta Infrastructure & Vault Suite

2022 Q3

Launch Web3 Suite

Publish Decentralization Whitepaper

2022 Q4

Launch Exchange Suite

Launch Vault Suite-Cold Wallet

2023 Q1

Launch Exchange Network

More to Come…

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