From Regulations to Mandatory System Approval Rules

A Robust, Customizable Policy Engine

Collaborate with your team to create a secure, well-governed environment.
There's no need for time-consuming manuals, in-person meetings, or difficult-to-implement rules and regulations.You can design your approval policies with the Safeheron policy engine to avoids human errors and prevent internal and external collusion.

The Simplest &
The Most Sophisticated

With the Safeheron API, you can configure your conditions up to five dimensions: initiator, asset source, destination, asset type, and amount, making it simple to automate workflows.

  • Simple

    N users out of M must approve

  • Standard

    Amounts exceeding a certain threshold must be approved by designated individuals

  • Advanced

    Source-to-destination only

Scale Your Team While Reducing Risks

Allow Team Members from Around the World to Join

Safeheron's customized policies can be applied to each member's role, ensuring that new members can start contributing from day one.

  • Operations Specialist

    Transfer Assets
  • Financial Specialist

    Audit Transfer Specifics
  • Security Specialist

    Audit Transfer Risks
  • Team Manager

    Issue Final Approval

Multi-Layer Protection

Protect Your Assets From Internal Malicious Acts

Once the approval policies are set, all future transfers and approvals must adhere to these strict guidelines so that they can't be bypassed or manipulated—not even by Safeheron.

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